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This project is proving to be super exciting and is generating a lot of interest from all over the world. Check it out!!



image313 is where it's at!!
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I know it's a week or so behind, but I'm on holiday.
We'll have a proper catch up in another week.


image313 day 16


Day 16. The snow is still here, but the sky is a beautiful blue. Check out the whole project here



Click here for a link to my new personal project where I aim to photograph something every day(ish) for a year


Merry Christmas

Holidays are coming, so you'd best get yourselves along to a carol service.


I have recently noticed that when I am photographing, my camera instinctively turns to a vertical position. I am not sure why this subconscious act is. Perhaps when shooting landscapes it allows large amounts of foreground and background or perhaps the camera feels more comfortable in my hand in this way, however I do this a lot. As a portrait photographer, you would think this is a good trait to have, however the reality is, modern portraiture is not necessarily good in a vertical format. Most people have a horizontal space on their wall they want to fill, so trying to correct my vertical inclinations on a daily basis is sometimes difficult.
Anyway, here are a few vertical landscapes from my honeymoon in Mauritius a week ago.