pens and cameras

I am starting a new series of drawings of vintage cameras as a way of bringing together two of my passions; photography and design. I plan to use the drawings for something at some point, however at this stage, I am not sure what.


For a long time I have been wanting to collate designs, ideas and photographs into a printed publication as a portfolio of my work. Today I have been designing layouts, covers, etc for this (provisional ideas really)
Watch this space for further details



When I was back at my parents house a week ago, they gave me this (Kodak Eastman No 4 Cartridge Kodak). It was given to them (amongst other cameras) to sell by a friend whose husband was a photographer before he died. Also in the selection of equipment was a hasselblad. My parents are not sure where this is, but they are certain they never managed to sell it. Perhaps they will find it one day. I am hopeful.



I woke up this morning ill, so am off work for the day. While off, I plan to spend the day wisely by watching the entire 'Bourne' trilogy and creating new walls on my lomohome. This wall is made of photos I took a year ago along the seafront in Felixstowe, Suffolk. Feel free to take a look.



This morning Jem and I went for a walk around the meadow by her house. I took a few photos of some things we saw on our travels. This started off with a few scattered body parts from a half eaten vermin left on Jems doorstep. Obviously due to the temperature, we saw a lot of frost. This was glistening in the sun on the screens of cars we passed and on the grass and other plants, flowers, and weeds we saw. We were then greeted rather warmly by a dog who was boisterously running back and forth between his owner and us.
Unfortunately our walk did not last long as I had to get to work and Jem to uni.



On 30th July 2010 I my photo was awarded "photo of the day" on lomography.com.
I took a screen grab of this, however forgot to do anything with it; so here I am doing something with it. It's not the highest achievement in the world, but I am pleased Lomographic Society International liked it enough to make it "photo of the day".

Taken with a Lomo LC-A + loaded withTruprint (200 iso, 35mm) film in Sirmione, Italy.


The marriage of N&L

Just a small selection of images from the last wedding I shot.