I was just browsing the web...as you do, when I stumbled upon this.
I love the typography, and the illustration,...well and everything.
Check out more tea towels by clicking on the image.



As you may know, I am currently working as a Venture photographer in Norwich. You probably don't know that Venture is currently running a nationwide competition to find the little face of venture.
This is not only one of my favorite shots submitted to the competition, but also one of my favorite shots taken recently. Please click on the photo and follow the link to the website and vote. The more votes, the more likely I am to win!!


Some of you may have seen this already, but here is the invite to the wedding of myself and Jem. Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, we recreated "the kiss".
The physical invited will be photographed at a later stage with the other stationary.



For the last year, my father has been the proud owner of a BMW z4 3.0 si. When he originally purchased it, he was actually after a slightly larger car. Now he has that slightly larger car, he is selling the z4.
In order to sell it, he has asked me to photograph it. So this is what I've done. If you're interested in buying it, please ask and I can send you more details.


Cornish chains

Seeing as St.Ives is a small fishing village, there are a lot of boats, rope and chains laying on the beach, in the harbor and generally everywhere you go. Here is a selection of chains I found while in there.

winter, blue skies and sand

After 2 or 3 weeks I've decided to pull my finder out and put up some more photos from my stag-weekend in St.Ives. This small selection is from an afternoon spent on the beach. As you can see, despite being there in March it was bright and sunny.



I am currently working on a project with musician extraordinaire Josh Bunce. With the forthcoming release of his second album, I have been collaborating to create album artwork and other promotional stationary. If you haven't heard what this guy sounds like you're missing out.
This album is going to be MASSIVE!!
Check out his blog soundofyoursummer for updates and news on the album