Odyssey BMX is one of the worlds most well known BMX brands. They have been producing high quality BMX components for years, many of which I had on my bike for a long time.
However I am not here to talk about BMX parts, but the media that comes with the BMX industry. For years companies have been producing Videos, DVDs and web movies of clips from their team riding to promote their brand, their products and their team. When I rode BMX I was only really interested in the videos due to the tricks the riders were doing, however now as a photographer and designer, I watch them for their photographic merits instead. A few years ago, Odyssey BMX released their movie "electronical" which was a worldwide success, not only to its BMX merits, but that of the photographers also. Please enjoy this trailer.


don't you just love it when...

Don't you just love it when you stumble upon something you like.
I was just looking through the 'blogs of note' on blogger and saw this.
Nick Edwards is a London based illustrator whos work reminds me of that of Chris Bright.

Please click the image for a link to Nicks blog


96 green (and otherwise assorted) bottles (and jars)

Soon after moving to Norwich, we had our glass recycling box stolen one morning when we put it out to be emptied. Rather than paying the council the ridiculous amount they want for a replacement bin, my housemate Pete and myself have decided to simply keep all empty glass bottles and jars: we have a couple of lines of them along the fence outside our back door.
It is interesting to see how quickly the clean rinsed out Nuttella jars soon fill with scum and grime and water along with the Martini bottles and other mixes of miscellaneous glass packaging. Please enjoy this small series of images taken to honor this collection.

Breaking Tradition

If i were to ask you to picture a church you would probably think of a traditional stone building with a tower and a bell.
Inside you would picture hard, wooden pews and a vicar/priest at the front wearing a long gown, chanting with incense and candles.
Now I'm not here to badmouth those churches at all, more to show you the possibilities of what church can be. For the last 6 months I've been attending Eternity Norwich s a vibrant and contemporary church of all ages and nationalities on the western fringes of Norwich.
This is far from a traditional stone church with chanting priest.
This is God inspired.
This is life filled.
This is exciting.
This is musical.
This is powerful.
This is meaningful.
This is educational.
This is Biblical.



Federal BMX- Bruce Crisman

This is another video that kept inspiring me when riding BMX.
Even though I no longer ride BMX, I still love watching these videos.

Bruce Crisman-Fakie Hop

This video by Federal BMX has been a one I have watched repetitively over the last two years.
It amazes me every time I watch it. Bruce Crisman revolutionised the freecoaster hub and inspired me to ride one; So I did.
Unfortunately I only rode this hub for about 5 months until one final BMX related injury prompted me to stop riding. Throughout that 5 months I fell in love with free-coasting and this video kept prompting me to ride faster, harder but most importantly backwards.



"If you’re not already familiar with S M Lockridge’s My King – then you should be!"

I first saw this video a year or two ago and have since seen it a few times at various places.
It is rare to find a piece of design that communicates this message so powerfully.
Do you know him?

over a thousand views

I just noticed the counter on my blog was saying 1006 and would like to say thank you to all of you who look at the stuff I put on here. This year I aim to blog more about things I have found as opposed to only using this as a creative outlet to show the world my own creations.
Stay tuned folks...


Its taken a week or so, but I've finally taken some photos of my new fixie.
Not much to say really; its quick, light, solid and very orange.
Unfortunately it's no longer brakeless.
I decided to put one on when I nearly went into the side of a car that pulled out in front of me.
As a cyclist, I hate motorists.
As a motorist, I hate cyclists.

to do list

So this is the time of year where everyone makes unrealistic decisions to stop eating chololate, stop drinking, stop smoking etc.
Being a compulsive list maker, I have decided to make a list of things I want to do this year as an alternative to one single 'New Years Resolution'. Nothing on the list is as unrealistic as "stop drinking", however some things on the list may take slightly longer than others.