There are loads of nationalities represented at ECC Norwich, so they held an International Evening to learn more about each-others cultures, cuisines and attire.
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Josh Bunce Music

Ok so at midnight you are able to download the brand new single from Josh Bunce.

His Second album is due for release later this summer and we have collaborated together for the last few months to fine tune artwork for the album and single release.
Josh's music is amazing and I challenge you to at least download the single to get a taste of what the album will be like!


New Lucozade Advert

I just saw this advert on tv and had to watch it again.
I love the filmography, the music, the skating, the everything.


Pointless call

Sunday 8th May 00:03am.
So, one quick phone call to the police and the music from next-door has stopped. Unfortunately it was not my phone call that did the job; because aparently they 'don't have the power to deal with loud music from a private property'! In fact what made the music stop was a couple of taxis to take my friendly neighbours into the city so they could spend my tax money (their student loans) on overpriced vodka and cheap women.